This post will cover the basic supplies to sell on Amazon FBA. There are only a few basic supplies that you need in order to get started selling on Amazon FBA. Amazon has a dedicated store for purchasing Amazon approved supplies for third party sellers, or these products can be found at office max or business supply shop. A common misconception is that you need a warehouse, pallets, and a pallet jack to get started but this is not true. If you are just a Solopreneur or a Small Business all you need to get started are UPC codes, poly bags, boxes, 30 label sheet, shipping labels, tape tool, scale, and printer.

UPC codes
Every listing you have has a unique UPC code that identifies the product it is. When you list your own private label product on Amazon FBA, you will need to enter a UPC code. This will then convert this to it’s own unique ASIN number. Amazon uses this to identify it’s products in it’s warehouses. UPC codes for Amazon FBA are really cheap and 1,000 unique codes can be purchased for about $2.

Poly bags

Polyethylene bags are the cheapest option for packaging for your product. You product needs to be enclosed within it’s own unit, which these bags do for smaller products. On the Amazon preferred site, these bags are selling for about $.13 a unit.


Boxes are supplies to sell on Amazon FBA. To send products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, your products are packaged into boxes. A pack of 25 is currently going for around $9. Another way to save some money, is to reuse the boxes you get from your own supplier.


Amazon recommends using a laserjet printer, but I have found that inkjet works just fine. This will be used for printing the 30 sheet labels to sticker your products and shipping labels. I use an HP Deskjet, but the recommended printer is the Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer with Wireless Networking and Duplex

30 label sheet

The label sheets are the standard sheets used to sticker products. You will download a PDF that has the document to sticker your products. These sheets will are what you use to print them on. The standard size is: 1″ Width x 2.62″ Length.

Shipping label

Shipping label
These shipping labels are what you print when Amazon tells you which fulfillment centers to send your boxes to. Like the 30 label sheets, these are non-value added expenses so go with the most generic.

Tape tool

tape tool
Seal your boxes up before you send them off. If you are sending a lot of products in, this is a great tool to have.


You will need to weigh your products and boxes before shipping them in to Amazon. You just need a way to measure the weight of your products to the nearest pound.

This list of basic supplies to sell on Amazon FBA is not comprehensive but it will allow you to start selling. It will cost around $100 to get started which are needed expenses in order to get started selling on a basic level. Any other tools I missed? Leave a comment below.

  • wainwrightclan

    I’ve been selling on Amazon using FBA since My 2013 and I have only needed to purchase UPC barcodes. I’m not sure why you would need to purchase anything else especially if you live in Australia like I do, unless this article is written just for US readers.